March 4, 2011 - ASMP Colorado announces PENTAX Imaging Company as a platinum level sponsor

ASMP is pleased to welcome PENTAX Imaging Company as a platinum level sponsor of the Colorado Chapter.

PENTAX Imaging Company is located in Golden, Colorado. PENTAX has a long and distinguished history in the photography and sport optics business worldwide.

Just about all our members will fondly recall PENTAX film cameras with superb glass and tank-like construction. PENTAX has continued its tradition of excellence and value to the present day with the recent introduction of the widely praised K-5 APS-C format and its remarkable 40 megapixel 645D medium format cameras (both with metal bodies and weather seals) along with entry models such as the K-r and K-x. PENTAX DA* high end lenses are a match for anything out there and many carry the same level of weather sealing built into the camera bodies. This is professional level equipment.

PENTAX has been an active participant in the photographic life of the community, most recently through its support for the extensive photography program at Red Rocks Community College. With two RRCC faculty members on our ASMP Colorado board, that participation illustrates growing support for existing and emerging photographic professionals and institutions in the

PENTAX support will help ASMP Colorado to continue to provide professional level programs and to bring to Colorado individuals who can contribute to the success and skill of the membership. It is an important sign of support from a major industry player and the board is looking forward to a long and mutually beneficial relationship.