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ASMP Board of Directors

The directors of ASMP are working photographers and Professional Members of ASMP who volunteer their time and energies for the Society and the industry. The following provides some brief information about the current board.


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The 2016-17 Board of Directors

Officers and directors have officially assumed their positions at the ASMP Board Meeting at the beginning of June.


Jenna Close
© P2 Photography

Jenna Close — Chair
Joined ASMP: 2007
Elected to Board in 2011; reelected for 2014-2016; Vice-Chair 2014-2015
Chapter: San Diego
Chapter Vice-President 2010-2011, Chapter Program Chair 2009-2010
Work: Corporate photography, specializing in the alternative energy and environmental sustainability markets.
Non-photographic interests: Surfing, socializing and traveling the world.
How to contact Jenna: e-mail close at

Luke Copping
© Luke Copping

Luke Copping — Vice-Chair
Joined ASMP: 2002
Elected to Board for 2013-2015; reelected for 2016-2018
Chapter: Western New York
Chapter Social Media Coordinator 2010-2011, Chapter President 2011-2013
Work: Editorial and Corporate - primarily portraits in studio and on location.
Non-photographic interests: Art, travel, taking care of 3 large dogs, reading comic books and being a gigantic nerd.
How to contact Luke: e-mail copping at

Mark Green
© Phil Miller

Mark Green — Treasurer
Joined ASMP: 1980
Elected to Board in 2011; reelected for 2014-2016
Chapter: Houston
Chapter Board member: 2008-2010
Work: Corporate/Industrial stills and complete video capabilities.
Non-photographic interests: Golf, tennis, music, movies, gardening, wines, cooking and the occasional cigar.
How to contact Mark: e-mail green at

Michael Hart
© Michael Hart

Michael Hart
Joined ASMP: 1979
Elected to Board for 2016-2018
Chapter: Houston
Chapter Board member: latest term 2008-2010
How to contact Michael: e-mail hart at

Stretch Ledford
© Brian K. Johnson

Stretch Ledford
Joined ASMP: 2002
Elected to Board for 2014-2016
Chapter: Chicago/Midwest
Work: Assistant Professor of Journalism at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign specializing in immersive, non-fiction multimedia storytelling.
Non-photographic interests: High-fidelity audio, Noni, Grace, Mr. Chung (“woof!”)
How to contact Stretch: e-mail stretch at

Marianne Lee
© Kim Fuller

Marianne Lee
Joined ASMP: 2005
Elected to Board for 2016-2018
Chapter: New England
Chapter Secretary 2008-2011; Chapter Programs Director and Secretary 2009-2011; Chapter Vice President 2011-2013; Chapter President 2013-2015
How to contact Marianne: e-mail lee at

Irene Owsley
© Paul Fetters

Irene Owsley — Secretary
Joined ASMP: 1995
Appointed to Board in 2011; elected for 2012-2014; reelected for 2015-2017
Chapter: New Mexico
Chapter Co-President (DC chapter): 2008-2010; Program Chair: 2006-2008
Work: Outdoors & travel for stock, editorial & non-profit clients, primarily; fine art for corporate interiors.
Non-photographic interests: Whitewater kayaking, hiking, skiing, travel, particularly to remote northern regions. Travel & exploration literature; circumpolar culture.
How to contact Irene: e-mail owsley at

Frank Rocco
© John Bigelow Taylor

Frank Rocco
Joined ASMP: 2001
Elected to Board for 2015-2017
Chapter: New York
Chapter Board Member 2001-2003, Chapter Membership Director 2003-2009, Chapter President 2010-2015
Work: Fashion and beauty photography, portraits and headshots;
Educator at Fashion Institute of Technology (SUNY).
Non-photographic interests: Playing guitar, snowboarding.
How to contact Frank: e-mail rocco at

Barry Schwartz
© Barry Schwartz

Barry Schwartz
Joined ASMP: 2005
Elected to Board for 2011-2014; reelected for 2016-2018
Chapter: Los Angeles
Chapter Board Member 2008; Chapter President 2008-2011
Work: Architecture, portraits, and documentary.
How to contact Barry: e-mail schwartz at

John Welsh
© Sarah DiCicco

John Welsh
Joined ASMP: 2006
Elected to Board for 2015-2017
Chapter: Philadelphia
Chapter Board Member 2007-2015, Chapter Website & Communications 2007-2009, Vice President, 2009-2011, Chapter President 2012-2015
Work: Photojournalism, documentary video, fine art.
How to contact John: e-mail welsh at

Michael Weschler
© Michael Weschler Photography

Michael Weschler
Joined ASMP: 2008
Elected to Board for 2014-2016
Chapter: New York
Work: Stills & Video Director of Lifestyle/Celebrity/People telling visual stories for Editorial & Advertising projects. Mentor for Young Photographers Alliance.
Non-photographic interests: Triathlon competition, tennis and travel.
How to contact Michael: e-mail weschler at

David Zentz
© Erinn Zentz

David Zentz
Joined ASMP: 2008
Elected to Board for 2015-2017
Chapter: Los Angeles
Chapter President: 2011-2015; Vice-President: 2009-2011
Work: People and places for editorial, corporate and commercial clients.
Non-photographic interests: Travel, camping, film, sports, beer brewing.
How to contact David: e-mail zentz at