Nikki Meyer Photography // Contemplative Images
Phone #: 303 307-1107
[email protected] Phone #: 303 342-0222

Studio, Portrait, Photojournalism, Fashion, Wedding

Camera Format and Brands:
35mm: Canon, Nikon
4 x 5 :  Kodak Digital Pro 20, Macintosh G4

Lighting Equipment:
Dynalite, White Lightning, Hot lights

Education: MD-Interdisciplinary Studies: Speech / Journalism / Public Administration / University of Texas at Tyler. Photography self taught through books, workshops and practice!!

References: Kim Kendrick, Vic Moss, Doug Till

 Willing to earn and learn. TV production background. I'm not great with heavy gear, but I'm good at posing, client relations, organization, styling and studio management. I enjoy writing, research and editing in addition to photography.
Thanks! Nikki