Lisa Nitchie
Cell Phone: 303 517-3855 (cell)
[email protected]

Architecture, Location, Studio, Animals

Camera Format and Brands:
2 1/ 4:  Hasselblad, Mamiiya
4X5: Sinar
Digital: Nikon D1, DX1, Photoshop, Imacon Scanner, Epson

Lighting Equipment:
Pro Photo, Photogenic, Norman, Tungsten

Education: 2002 AAS/AIC, 1991 BS/CU

References: Ron Ruscio
I would love the experience of assisting photographers with a range of specialties. I am reliable, self motivated and have a significant amount of professional experience in client relations. I am able to move heavy gear + learn new types of equipment very quickly. I am able to travel in state, nationally and I do have a current passport for international travel.