Mike Snively
Phone #: 720 981-0752 Cell: 303 520-7329
Email address: [email protected]

Lifestyle, Still life, PR, Stock, Catalog, Portrait, Fine Art

Camera Format and Brands:
35mm: Nikon, Cannon
2 1/4 : Hasselblad, Mamiya RB / RZ, Fuji 680
4 x 5 : Sinar, Toyo, Wista
Digital : Sinar digital system

Lighting Equipment:
Dynalite, Speedotron, Norman, Pro Photo, White Lightning, Comet


Dan Sidor, Patricia Barry Levy, Jeff Stine, Mike Stillman

6 yrs experience w/ Alaskan extremes and 4 yrs experience in Colorado. Available to travel Colorado and USA.