Phone #: 303 425-1509
Email address: [email protected]

Portrait, Fashion, Special Events, Product and Architecture

Camera Format and Brands:
35mm: Nikon, Pentax
2 1/4 : Hassleblad, Mamiya
4 x 5 :  Linhoff, Cambo, Sinar
Digital : Nikon D1, Phase One backs, Digiflex, Photoshop

Lighting Equipment:
Speedotron, Norman, Dynalite, White Lightning, Metz

Education: A.A.S. Professional Photography/Colorado Mountain College / Glenwood Springs, CO.

Ron Forth, Joel Silverman, Jack Guy, Digital Dawgs, Nemo Nieman, Susan Opton

Able to carry large items. I like to pay attention to details and procedures. I can
handle most light meters, timers and notes. Able to load film backs. Access to all of Colorado and most surrounding areas. Will travel the world. Speedotron equipment rental available.