Guidelines for your ASMP Colorado web page.


1. Images

Please scan three images at 72 dpi, WIDTH=144 HEIGHT=216 or vice versa depending on format. If your images are medium format please try to make them around 216 X 216.  If you are scanning the images yourself it is a good idea to scan them at least 150 dpi and then shrink them to the desired size.  The quality will be much nicer that way.  

Save your images as a jpeg file with the extension .jpg provided in Photoshop.  If you are on 5.0 or higher save them at a high quality.  It is important to name your file something simple and fitting such as skiing.jpg (if you add anything after the extension it will make them more complicated to open.  You can email the images to Beth Schneider. CLICK HERE.  NO CAPITAL LETTERS OR SPACES IN YOUR TITLES PLEASE.

2. Biography

Please include a short bio on your photography business, 75 words or less.

3. Contact Info

Include your current contact information and be sure to include your web site address and e-mail.

4. logo

The guidelines for your logo are the same as the images.  They can be saved as jpgs or gifs.  Please no capital letters or spaces; use underscores if necessary.
Please address your check to ASMP Colorado and mail to Richard Douglas at

Windsong Imagery, Inc.
7800 West 72nd Place
Arvada , Colorado 80005
phone: (303) 432-2222

The cost for your photo page is $50.00. Any edits for existing photo pages are $15.00 per change.  Text changes are free.

If you have any more questions please don't hesitate to email me.   You can also take a look at some of the other members photo pages as a sample. 

McCory James

[email protected]