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Welcome to the ASMP Colorado web site. As the best of the 40 chapters nationwide we are proud to represent over 200 of the finest photographers in the country. Check out the membership directory and click on the photo pages of some of our members. Their work will amaze you. These professionals can provide you with the pictures, service and integrity you expect from the best. See what ASMP is all about, and look at the upcoming events page. Join us for one of our fabulous programs. Our membership welcomes you.

Paul Trantow ~ Past President

Our Purpose

This site serves as as a communication tool and a link
...between the chapter and all photographers
...between photographers themselves
...between ASMP members at national and local levels
and as an informational tool for buyers of photography.

This site also serves as a resource tool for the technical, business and legal assistance photographers need to operate successfully.

Board Members/Committee Heads

If you have questions or areas of interest, please feel free to contact any of our ASMP Colorado officers or committee heads:

McCory James
Richard Douglas
Paul Rubner

Vice President

Board of Directors
Rich Clarkson
Rick Souders
Paul Trantow
Steve Sokolik
Katie Girtman
Peter Wayne
Nicole Nichols

Senior Advisor
Senior Advisor
Past President
Public Relations

2011 Election Information

Welcome to chapter election season! Per our by-laws, our members elect a board of directors every second year. And for the next month, it’s your job to weigh in, get active, and vote for whomever you think can keep our chapter among the strongest in the nation.

This is a 2-step process: Any ASMP member can be a director, but in order for them to be considered for the board, YOU will have to nominate them, and YOU will have to vote for them.

Between now and Dec. 31, ASMP Colorado is accepting nominations. To nominate someone for the board (first check with them to be sure it’s OK) send an eMail to [email protected]. You can nominate as many people as you want, but they all must be chapter members. You can even nominate yourself!

Ballots will go out on Monday, January 17th and need to be returned by January 31st. All General and Life members will receive a ballot via email. Each will have the names of all nominees and their statements. Directions for casting your ballot will be included.

The fine print:

· Your nominee will be asked to provide a statement as to why or how they plan on maintaining or improving the quality of this chapter. They should prepare this as soon as they’re nominated.

· The chapter’s by-laws stipulate that there will be no more than 12 directors on the Board. (But the board can vote to expand or contract.) Those receiving the most votes will be made Directors. Board terms are for 2 years.

· The board will vote positions such as President, Secretary, and Treasurer etc. on Wednesday, February 9th. New board members will be expected to attend this and future board meetings, which occur on the second Wednesday of even months at the Denver Press Club downtown.

For more information contact McCory James.

Pro Sponsors

Our Pro Sponsor program generates a predetermined level of funding to help support ASMP's efforts. It also helps increase knowledge, appreciation and awareness of the art and business of commercial photography. The following companies have generously supported ASMP Colorado and we encourage everyone interested in professional products and services to utilize these Sponsors:

Silver Level

About ASMP National

The American Society of Media Photographers is a national organization established in 1944 to promote high standards and ethics in photography, to disseminate information and to further the professional interest of its members through a variety of activities. Today, ASMP has a membership of more than 5,000 or the world's finest photographers working in corporate/industrial, advertising, journalism, fashion, education, books and film. ASMP plays a vital educational role in the business of photography through meetings, seminars and publications. For more information go to