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Advantages of having a portfolio page:

  • You have an image rotated on the ASMP Colorado home page.
  • You have an image next to your member listing
  • You have a link to your website and email address on the member listing page, making it easier for people to contact you
  • You have a portfolio page to highlight your work and clients.

Click here to view a sample portfolio page.

The cost for a portfolio page:

  • $100 set up fee (includes first year)
  • $50 annual fee (will be prorated) goes into effect July 1st.
  • If you already had a photo page before, you are grandfathered in and don't need to pay a set up fee.
    • You must have new images and text sent to McCory James by April 1st (otherwise the $100 set up fee will be required)
    • You will need to start paying the annual fee on July 1st, 2008 (the annual fee covers up to two edits per year to images and/or text).

Portfolio pages will take up to 30 days to post. Your annual fee will be prorated from the date your page goes live.

1. Images

Please provide six images. All images should be jpg images and titled with your first and last name and an image number. The first five images will all be in your portfolio. The image number should be in the order you would like it shown in the portfolio (example, mccory_james_1.jpg)

The additional five images will be used on your portfolio page. They can be vertical or horizontal and the maximum dimension should be of 320 pixels either vertically or horizontally.

The last image must be cropped square and will be used on the home page and next to your member listing. This image may also be an image selected from your first five. The image should be a cropped to 127x127 pixels.

The images will not be able to maintain the metadata once on the site. If you would like, you may put your copyright on the image or watermark the image. If not, your copyright will be listed under the image.

All images should be sent as JPEGs at quality "8" or better from Photoshop.

2. Company Info & Biography

Please include

  • business name
  • Telephone number
  • Fax number
  • current address
  • website address
  • email address
  • client list (up to 15 clients)
  • Short bio on your photography business (75 words or less)

All text should be provided in a Word document.

3. Company Logo

If you would like, you may also include your company logo. Please provide as jpg or gif at a maximum dimension of 200 pixels

Please provide all of the above by emailing them to Peter Wayne.

4. Payment

Please address your $100.00 check to ASMP Colorado and mail to Richard Douglas at

Windsong Imagery, Inc.
7800 West 72nd Place
Arvada , Colorado 80005
phone: (303) 432-2222.

If you have any questions, please contact McCory James.

Thank you,
McCory James