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The ASMP Paperwork Share

Photographers helping photographers is a grand tradition of the ASMP. Due to anti-trust laws, ASMP cannot set or suggest prices, but we can share information provided to us by our generous members. The ASMP Paperwork Share provides a look at the terms, licenses and pricing details of actual jobs. Assignment estimates and invoices, representing a variety of clients and types of work, are available here for review.


Examples of Actual Jobs


More info for members

The above three sample jobs in the ASMP Paperwork Share are available to our non-member readers to provide concrete illustrations of the principles in this Licensing Guide. Many more examples are available to members of ASMP. Here's how to become a member.


If you are a member, please log in to see many more jobs.


ASMP is not responsible for any of the specific content of the material provided by individual photographers for the ASMP Paperwork Share.