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Social media are evolving into a powerful force in the global economy. It has affected how we market our own businesses, how our clients market theirs, and how photography — professional, amateur and crowd-sourced — is used and distributed. It has opened new doors and created new opportunities. It has also created new risks and liabilities. The information provided in this Tutorial will help you make smart choices in how you use social media for your business.


Social Media Terms of Use

ASMP has grave concerns about Instagram's unreasonable Terms of Use — particularly the fact that, once you agree to their terms, you have no right to terminate the agreement. Even after you close your account, Instagram can continue to use your images and your name without restriction. Get the facts.


ASMP has issued an important announcement regarding Facebook's new privacy policies.

Download Our PDF Guides to Social Media

Utilizing Social Media for Your Business — Marketing & More tells you how to use blogs and social media effectively, efficiently and without annoying your readers. Download this free Guide now!


Know Your Rights on Social Media — Legal Considerations & More reveals what your readers can legally do with photos you upload, and whether you have any recourse if you don't like it. Download this free Guide now!


The Photographer's Guide to Twitter, co-published by ASMP and PhotoShelter, helps you use Twitter to grow your photography business safely and effectively. Download this free Guide now!


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