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ASMP recently formed a Motion/Video Study Group to explore how members have embraced video. Video has become much more prevalent in visual communications as electronic publishing continues to replace traditional print media. The increased availability and low cost of broadband has enabled and created a huge demand for video. At the same time, there is a convergence of our tools as “hybrid” cameras are capable of shooting both stills and video.


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As head of the Motion/Video Study Group, I spoke at length with fourteen ASMP members who have integrated video into their businesses. With the help of Todd Joyce, Kate Baldwin and Shawn Henry, a list of questions pertaining to all aspects of video was sent to these study group participants.


We have organized the results into the following categories:

  • General Observations
  • Getting Started
  • Roles
  • General Business
  • Rights & Licensing
  • Technical


We hope this resource provides you valuable insights on expanding from still into video. Please consider joining our video listserv to further the conversation on moving into motion.


—Gail Mooney
    ASMP Motion/Video Committee Chair


Find more valuable information for emerging and established motion photographers at


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