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Colorado members automatically gain the benefits of being part of the National ASMP organization.

Education, Publications and Information

ASMP has recently adopted a policy which will direct half of its efforts toward the field of education over the next few years. This is a departure from the past policy of concentrating primarily on advocacy.

Here are some of the educational initiatives:

  • New national two-day seminar on business principle and practices.
  • Video tape educational materials are in development to supplement the seminar above.
  • New consumer edition of the ASMP Business Practices book.
  • Completed ASMP Business Bible for members, with supplements mailed as they are developed.
  • White papers on Rights and Value and Business Planning.
  • New Negotiating Seminar in the development stage.
  • New Client Seminar in development.
  • Educational curriculum developed for colleges and universities.
  • Educational liaisons at the chapter level is being developed for working with local schools.

Direct Member Benefits

  • Insurance programs for business liability and equipment, auto, home, heath, accident, disability, long-term care insurance, and insurance for film processing, lab errors and loss.
  • Discounts on air courier services, travel services and car rentals.
  • Internet "Find a Photographer" database of members, searchable by region, specialty or name, to promote members to potential photo buyers.
  • ASMP Members Only forum on the ASMP national web site.
  • Specialty Groups for various photography specialties.
  • 37 chapters to serve your local interests and needs.
  • A community of photographers of which you can be a contributing part.


National ASMP continues to be a leader in this area. No other association of photographers comes close to ASMP's level of activity and accomplishment. This list is always changing with items added and deleted almost daily.

A few current activities:

  • Trademark restrictions on photography.
  • Interstate sales tax problems.
  • Employee/independent contractor legislation.
  • Home office deduction legislation.
  • Work-for-hire check endorsement prohibition legislation.
  • Fair-use guidelines for educational and library institutions.
  • National Park photography regulations.
  • National Forest Service photography regulations.
  • Bureau of Land Management photography regulations.
  • California sales tax exemption for photography.
  • Copyright registration simplification.
  • National Basketball League's claims for trademark to dominate copyright rights.
  • World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) treaty recommendations and legislation.
  • WIPO recommendations on systems for identifying digitally stored images.
  • Distribution of domestic and international photocopying royalties.
  • International registry of photographers for rights tracking purposes.

National ASMP is currently working on matters including:


National ASMP currently supports various actions with legal consultations and financial support

Assisting Chapters

ASMP continues to invest heavily in its 37 chapters with guidance and finances.

Specialty Groups

National ASMP continues to support and develop specialized subsidiaries to further aid it's members. Currently there are three specialty groups:

  • Architecture
  • Fine Art
  • Food
  • Underwater