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You may contact our membership chairman: Paul Trantow to get started

Photographers applying for GENERAL or ASSOCIATE membership:

1. Meet with at least two general members of the chapter
If you don't know anyone yet, please contact an officer or board member at our next meeting or by phone for suggestions. Names and numbers are listed on this web site. Show a member your portfolio, letterhead, business card and any additional promo materials. They will want to know more about your interests in the photography profession. Ask them to sponsor you and sign your application form.

2. Application Check list

  • Your letterhead and business card
  • Completed application (download here) and check
  • Publication samples
  • An interview with two ASMP sponsors

3. Your Portfolio
The purpose of your portfolio presentation (in any format or media type) is to show your publication experience and to provide examples of your professional photography experience. It is not to judge the art or style of your photography. Your specific interest in photography may determine the type of presentation you need. Please don't hesitate to ask your sponsor about different presentation methods. For example, an architectural photographer may prefer to present samples in a different manner than a sports photographer. The total number of pieces presented is typically 8-20. The presentation should be professional and neat. Published samples may be good quality, laser-type copies, copy slides, or originals, and should be protected by a cover (laminated, mounted, etc.).

4. Your Check and Application
The chapter will take care of sending your application to the national ASMP office. At the time you submit your application fee, along with the form in the back of the ASMP national brochure, you are WELCOME to come to all chapter events.

5. The Board Review
Portfolios are typically reviewed by the Board of Directors at the next regularly scheduled meeting. If you have included everything from the check list above, and are approved locally, your check and application is submitted to the ASMP national office in Philadelphia. Here in Colorado you immediately begin to receive the many benefits our chapter offers. If national approves your application, you will become a member in approximately one month, your name will appear in the next issue of the national Bulletin, and you will receive current publications and membership information from the national office.