Thursday, December 3, 2009

ASMP & Dick Durrance II at Roxborough

ASMP Colorado hosted a great little talk & walk in early this week with Aspen photographic legend Dick Durrance II at Roxborough State Park.

Dick started his presentation with a slideshow/lecture about the finer points of landscape shooting, demonstrated by his beautiful golf course pictures, his passion (and current gig.)

All those exotic locales in Florida and the Carribbean made us warm, so we ventured outside to take in the park's red rocks with a dusting of cold powder.

At a view point we resumed our conversation about creativity, landscape and other disciplines of photography, and who could or couldn't feel their toes.

Finally, that evening at the Press Club, Dick presented his Creating Opportunities: Seeing What Is, Imagining What Can Be lecture. What a joy to see a cross-section of Dick's incredible breadth of photographic talent including Olympic skiing, National Geographic trips through Europe, combat in Vietnam, big ad campaigns and, yes, golf courses.