Monday, February 8, 2010

Business Marketing Association Gold Key Entries Now Open

Who will throw their turban into the ring and share the adventure?
The 2010 Gold Key Awards

Have you shared your stories of marketing success this year? That’s the purpose of the BMA Colorado Gold Key Awards - the ultimate reward for people working together to weave a successful campaign. The designer and the account person, the writer and the marketing director - you all work together to fit the pieces together.

For over 30 years, BMA Colorado has been hosting their annual Gold Key Awards - honoring the very best in business-to-business marketing and communications. There are 43 categories to enter - ranging from the traditional print advertising and public relations and direct mail to the new media of websites, blogs, online branding campaigns, and SEO. There is even a Potporri category if your work doesn't seem to fit any of the other 42 categories!

All entries are submitted online - no boards to have to worry about. Entrants can work on their files up until the entry deadline. Early birds (ok, we know there are a few!) get a discount if their entries are paid for by FEBRUARY 12. Everyone else can go with the regular deadline of FEBRUARY 19 - and for the really late procrastinator - MARCH 5 at midnight is it!
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