Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Nora Feller and Craig Semetko at Camera Obscura

The work of photographers Nora Feller and Craig Semetko will be featured in an exhibition at Camera Obscura from April 23-June 5. Camera Obscura is located directly behind the Denver Art Museum at 1309 Bannock Street.

Nora Feller’s distinctive work has appeared in numerous U.S. and international newspapers and magazines, including the New York Times, Forbes, Conde Nast, Newsweek, People, Time, Paris Match and The London Observer. Specializing in portraiture, she has photographed princes, first ladies and three U.S. presidents. Her portfolio includes celebrities, world leaders, sports figures and artists.

Feller has selected 30 works for this exhibition, including Julia Child, the Dalai Lama, Madonna, Prince Ranier, Malcom Forbes, David Hockney, Sean Penn and Kelsey Grammer.

Craig Semeko’s is a Los Angeles-based “street photographer,” and has chosen 30 of his work for this exhibition.

A reception for the artists will be held in the gallery on April 23.
For more information, contact Camera Obscura, 303-623-4059