Thursday, March 25, 2010

State cracking Down on Photographers?

Dann Coffey, a commercial photographer based in Edwards, is protesting a recent state audit. He doesn't charge customers sales taxes on his photography because it's a service, he said.

But state auditors said he owes up to $3,000 in taxes, interest and fees on his resale of stock photos from previous shoots going back to 2006. Coffey said he's selling a license to use the images and he retains the copyright, so the resales shouldn't be taxed; the state said the transactions constitute the taxable sale of tangible property.


calanan said...

I'm looking forward to seeing this post updated with any updates on Dann's progress.

Also if there's anything I can do as a photography business owner please have Dann contact me.

calanan said...

p.s. I've made a comment (moderation pending) about Dann's case on the following PhotoShelter tax-related article referencing this blog post.

PhotoShelter: The 7 Common Tax Mistakes Made By Photographers