Thursday, August 19, 2010

The Business of Architectual Photography

Architectural Photography:"It's an art form but it's also a business"
August 19, 2010
The business of Architectural Photography is another aspect that constantly requires attention. From estimating, licensing issues, scouting assignments, creating that shoot list, all are important factors. Once the client signs that contract and pays the 50% retainer, project coordination comes into play. That includes security clearances, site preparation, transportation arrangements, permits, releases and authorization. All of these areas need to be conveyed to the client. This event covers all of that and more.

Steve Whittaker is an architectural photographer based on the San Francisco peninsula. The majority of his work is architectural, interior and aerial photography. His specialty is lighting buildings at dusk. His clients range from architects, advertising agencies, corporate direct and hospitality.

Steve's clients include architects, interior designers, advertising agencies, graphic designers, construction, REITs, hospitality and corporate direct clients. His assignments cover everything from aerials, some life style, and interior spaces to illuminating the exterior surfaces and interior space of buildings for dramatic dusk images.

Topics covered:
Estimating /Contracts / Stock issues
Permits/release forms/film commissions
Risk Management /Safety issues
Assignment preparation, scouting
Case study- Assignment execution, lighting and issues related to a 24 story office tower in San Francisco.
Copyright Registration
Post production

Thursday, August 12, 2010

About two weekends ago, a curious happening took place in Oregon. Thirty-five of the country's sharpest shooters flew in from around the world to surprise a man they all "wanted to murder," as Brian Lanker, the organizer, put it.

The "shooters" were photojournalists. And the object of their murderous thoughts goes by the name Rich Clarkson, because that is his name, one of the most influential forces in journalism — a force to be reckoned with, beyond doubt.

Read more about Rich Clarkson, ASMP Life Member and Colorado Chapter Senior Advisor, and the fete in his honor, here.