Saturday, July 31, 2010

Summer Toast Denver - August 5th

Summer Toast is Denver's largest marketing and business professional networking event. Your local ASMP chapter is particpating as a host to promote our organization as a resource for locating quality local photographers. As a 'hook' we are featuring free Facebook mug shots. We will also promote the Find A Photographer search available on the internet and iPhone.

Individuals who wish to attend are advised to pre-register at the Summer Toast web site. There is a fee for attending.

Date: Aug 5th
Time: 5pm to 8:30PM
Location: Downtown Denver

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Photography Equipment for Sale

If you are interested in any of the following equipment, please contact Susan Goddard by calling 303.778.2340 or emailing her at [email protected].

Lightware - Like New - MF1217 - CarryOn MultiFormat Bag - $250 (New $365)|Multi%20Use&Cat_ID=2

Calumet Cocoon 70 Lighting tent $50 - Used once

Cloud Dome Light Diffuser for Jewelry Photography $75

Logan 700-S: Simplex Studio $75 - Light use (New $160)

Nikon N90S - Good condition - 35mm Film Camera - $75

Various Tiffen filters for 35mm/2 1/4/ 4 x 5 - About 25 - $75 (Or $3 each)

Chimera Black Honeycomb Grid - 60 (35 degree/36" x 48") $300 (New - $600) - Very light use.

Chimera Black Honeycomb Grid - 60 (35 degree/24"x32") - $200 (New - $380) - Very light use.

Black Honeycomb Grid - Works with Matthews C-stands and arms - $75

Hasselblad 16mm Extension Tube 16E - $100 - LikeNew - (New $360)

Turbo Filter - Original style - (Price new was around $1800) In good condition - $500 OBO

Studio couch - sage/chartreuse green - $750

Hot Lights - An old 1000 watt Century - $175 / Calumet 650 watt - $75

2 muslin backdrops - Approx. 20x24feet.- Currently one red and one mottled/tiedyed blue... Can be redyed... $75 each

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Advertising & Marketing Review ASMP Photo Annual

Advertising & Marketing Review magazine recently published their annual issue featuring the work of ASMP Colorado photographers. Congratulations to all the photographers that had their work selected! They are presented here in alphabetical order.

Patricia Barry Levy - "Prairie Dream Series"

Dann Coffey - "Alpenglow - The Gore Range"

McCory James - "Palau de les Arts, Valencia, Spain"

McCory James - "Skaters"

McCory James - "Walt Disney Concert Hall, Los Angeles, California"

McCory James - "Nathan Road, Kowloon District, Hong Kong"

Nathan Jenkins - "Mission Bay Parking"

Jon Orlando - "Garret Reppenagen, Iraq War Veteran" from the series "Warriors for Peace"

Don Peitzman - "Heaven"

Rick Souders - "Triple Martini Splash"

Rick Souders - "Giving Back"

Rick Souders - "Girl in Blue Boat"

Matthew Staver - "Lindsey Vonn"

Eric Stenbakken - "R&R Homes, Quality Home Furnishings"

Paul Trantow - "Left Bank, Paris"

Ethan Welty - "Jim Prager Scrambles up Luna Peak at Sunrise"

Karen Wilson Johnson - "Africa Blue"

Steve Zavodny - "Globe Thistle"