Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Leverage Your Copyrights!

April 20, 2010
Do you register your images with the United States Copyright Office?Do you know how to locate infringements of your work? Do you get angry and frustrated when you find your images being used without your permission?Do you have potential unrealized profits you may know nothing about?

Please join veteran photographer Jackie Shumaker for an insightful evening as she discusses copyright infringement, and how infringements can benefit your photography business. Jackie will share with you how she shifted her mindset and discovered a new, positive source of income. This transformation in thinking can change your business through leveraging your rights, enabling you to discover and collect on unrealized profits. Jackie will share her real world experience utilizing actual examples of how she leverages infringements and turns them into income, and in some cases, even gains valuable clients!

Topics:• Registering your Copyright.• Changing your attitudes.• Researching infringements.• Team with a Copyright Attorney.• Reality of Copyright and how to leverage your rights.