Thursday, July 1, 2010

Advertising & Marketing Review ASMP Photo Annual

Advertising & Marketing Review magazine recently published their annual issue featuring the work of ASMP Colorado photographers. Congratulations to all the photographers that had their work selected! They are presented here in alphabetical order.

Patricia Barry Levy - "Prairie Dream Series"

Dann Coffey - "Alpenglow - The Gore Range"

McCory James - "Palau de les Arts, Valencia, Spain"

McCory James - "Skaters"

McCory James - "Walt Disney Concert Hall, Los Angeles, California"

McCory James - "Nathan Road, Kowloon District, Hong Kong"

Nathan Jenkins - "Mission Bay Parking"

Jon Orlando - "Garret Reppenagen, Iraq War Veteran" from the series "Warriors for Peace"

Don Peitzman - "Heaven"

Rick Souders - "Triple Martini Splash"

Rick Souders - "Giving Back"

Rick Souders - "Girl in Blue Boat"

Matthew Staver - "Lindsey Vonn"

Eric Stenbakken - "R&R Homes, Quality Home Furnishings"

Paul Trantow - "Left Bank, Paris"

Ethan Welty - "Jim Prager Scrambles up Luna Peak at Sunrise"

Karen Wilson Johnson - "Africa Blue"

Steve Zavodny - "Globe Thistle"