Sunday, December 6, 2009

Sculpting with Light: The Workshop - DVD

Allison Earnest, Colorado-based commercial and portrait photographer, has inspired many photographers to kick up their skills with her 2008 book Sculpting with Light: Lighting Techniques for Portrait Photographers. Now she's presenting her lighting and capture tips on the just-released DVD, Sculpting with Light: The Workshop. Presented by ASMP, this live, 60-minute photo shoot with models, captures Allison tackling some of her favorite back-to-basic technical and practical tips, such as learning the basics to light your subjects, how to meter the scene, and ways to sculpt portraits with light.

To increase your competitive edge, pick up your copy of Sculpting with Light: The Workshop, and watch it several times. Allison's energetic, motivational approach is an indispensable key to creating beautifully exposed and posed photographs. Video can be purchased on line at Alison's web site.